Robot UNIX-DF304S

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– Idéal pour l’automatisation d’opérations de brasage
– Brasage par point par point ou linéaire
– Prise en main rapide
– Intégration / configuration simple
– Surface de travail : 300 x 275mm

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Axes X: 300mm à 900mm/sec
Y: 320mm à 900mm/sec
Z: 100mm à 400mm/sec
R: +/- 360° à 900°C
Répétabilité +/- 0.01mm
Tête de brasage UMC-090-BHL / UMC-090-BHS
Puissance corps de chauffe 250W
Feeder UPM-056 / UMP-056CC pour fil Ø 0.3 à 1.2mm
Poids robot 45Kg
Nouveau Corps de chauffe
Meilleures performances
Improved network functions for industry 4.0
Connecting to factory network and making operation visible in real time.

- Supporting data export and external process control via LAN or COM port.
- Special monitoring software can remotely monitor operation status.
- The real-time monitoring such as temp. graph, operation status, errors can prevent defective products.
- Robots are controllable with connecting to PLC and with control commands.
3D soldering and MID (molded interconnect device)
Two additional axes enable complex PCB soldering easy and flexible.

- Two axes can be optionally added, up to six axes are available.
- External devices are integrally controllable with the batch operation of robot.
- Various motions such as component rotation, PCB reversal, head angles, rotation of cylindrical parts, cable suppression, etc.
- Space saving and easy to setup.
The new heater highly improves productivity
Higher accuracy and improved temperature characteristics.

- Much more accurate temperature measurement has been achieved by placing heat sensor at the tip of the tip.
- Quick temp. recovery achieves higher operational efficiency.
- The heater and the tip are separated and can be replaced individually.
- Poka Yoke function prevents to make mistakes of installing a soldering tip and its direction.
The advantages of new heater
Easy to change program selection on the switch box

- One touch selector on the switch box
- Arbitrary programs are simply selectable and executed (2ch)
For Industry 4.0. Data management of each soldering process
By connecting DF monitoring software, various soldering processes such as temperature, program execution and so on are visualized and converted into numerical data.

For example, observing the temperature during soldering, if irregular temperature change or program execution occurred, the monitoring system captures their irregularity and can notify errors.

Furthermore, connecting to the Internet / intranet, the system can notify error and can send alert to the registered email. Such real-time observation enables you immediately respond to operation errors and defects.

Any data can be exported with CSV format. Various operational log data from each process can be useful for investigating and exploring for further productivity improvement.

Further advanced soldering management software “Soldering Manager” (paid version) is now available.
Managing invisible defect modes
UNI-TESTER compatible (optional)
In order to maintain stable soldering quality, not only measuring the tip temperature, but also measuring the tip leakage voltage and the ground resistance is important for process control.

The tip temperature instability affects the solder joint finish. Leakage and transient voltages can cause components’ internal damages. From the viewpoint of device protection, the resistance between the tip and ground must be measured and secured.

UNI-TESTER compatible with IEC-61191-1 (Ed3 / 2018) and IPC J-STD-001G can realize various measurements and automatic tip temperature offset at the same time.

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